Presentation Primary


Can my child bring a mobile to school?

We prefer not! If it is essential for your child to contact you after school, they may. We advise against any expensive phones being brought to school. The school accepts no responsibility for damages that may occur.

What happens if my child is late?

If you know your child will be late let the teacher know so they are not marked absent. Any child arriving after 10:00 will be marked absent as the DES require attendance to be taken by then. We will do our best to allow for children who are occasionally late.

Why did I receive a text from the school about my child's absences?

To comply with NEWB regulations we must inform them if a child has missed 20 days or more each year. We make this report twice a year. We send an automatic text to inform you when your child has missed 15 and then 20 and we will write to inform you of the total days missed when we are making our returns to the NEWB. If your child has missed school though illness , or an urgent family reason we will indicate this to the NEWB. For this reason it is important to let the teacher know the reason for any absences.

Where can I get the school uniform?

School uniforms and school tracksuits can be purchased from Colgans in Portarlington

When is it ok to wear the tracksuit?

Tracksuits are only to be worn on PE days.

What is the rule about School Uniforms?

The school uniform is worn from Junior Infants upwards on all school days other than on days of PE lessons. Black or dark shoes should be worn with the uniform.