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Nano Nagle Centre

The Nano Nagle ASD centre is a special unit for pre-school children with autism. The unit consists of two classes, which caters for six children in each. Each class has one class teacher and two Special Needs Assistants. The unit also has a Sensory Integration Room and a Multi-Sensory Room.

The classrooms are physically structured in accordance with the TEACCH Model, with specific areas for individual learning, group work, play and lunch.

The Sensory Integration Room consists of a variety of equipment to develop fine and gross motor skills, aid sensory processing and provide exercises for both stimulation and preparation for learning.

The multi-sensory room consists of fibre-optic lights, bubble tube, projector, mirrors, a variety of textiles and mood music. This room can be used to stimulate a child or help a child self-regulate.

We are very lucky to have our own playground in the Nano Nagle preschool. The surface is soft rubber which makes it safe & suitable for playing even on wet days. The children have access to bicycles and sit-on vehicles.  The playground has a gated boundary which separates us from the larger school population. The playground equipment includes playhouse with a slide, . As the children become more confident playing on these they develop their gross motor skills.