2nd March 2017

5th Class Biz World


BizWorld workshops were delivered in our classroom over a two-day period by tutors from Bank of Ireland.  The workshops taught us the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance by showing how the entrepreneurial cycle operates. Working in groups of five, we developed our own mini-enterprise, to get a real feel for how a business operates.

We went through the entire entrepreneurial process from company formation to market research with younger classes in the school, and then designing, producing and marketing our business idea.

We had to pitch for investment and we were visited by the local bank manager who was a  venture capitalist and we had the opportunity to pitch, ‘Dragon’s Den’ style! Our ‘Dragons’ decided how much ‘BizBucks’ to invest in our company.  We all really enjoyed the Biz World workshops and learned so much along the way.

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